Vladimir Putin Doesn't Seem to Mind When Topless Women Protest Him

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Nobody loves posing for ridiculous photos more than Russia's president, but it's this completely spontaneous image that is sure to be a keeper in his iconic collection. Vladimir Putin is in Germany today, where he was greeted by the usual gang of topless protesters that seem to be following him around lately. One in particular, got pretty close to Putin and his host, German Chancellor Angel Merkel, but the man was unfazed. As usual.

He even apparently gave her a thumbs up, as well (link is possibly not safe work) proving that he is nothing if not cool under fire.

The two leaders were visiting the Hannover Fair, an annual high-tech trade show. The protestors are with the group Femen, who have been staging regular topless protests such as this one all over the globe. This one was in defense of the Russian punk group Pussy Riot, which was jailed after their own infamous protest in a Moscow church was deemed offensive by Russian courts. There's more photos of the protest here, but some are definitely not safe for work.

But as we said, Putin's faces are legendary and those were not the only great ones to come from today's photo ops. We gathered a few more below.

First three photos: AP. Bottom photo: Reuters/Fabian Bimmer

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