Report: The Syrian Chemical Weapons 'Red Line' Has Been Crossed

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Just when we thought that those Syrian chemical weapons attack claims were another false alarm, The Times is reporting that British scientists have found "hard evidence" that chemical weapons were used "at least once." We just don't know which side used them. 

According to the Times' anonymous sources, soil samples believed to have been taken from an area near Damascus were smuggled back to Britain for testing. The samples tested positive, but it's not yet known for what, exactly. Nor is it known which side used the weapon in the first place, nor how often.  

President Obama has said that if Syrian president Bashar al-Assad ever used chemical weapons, he would cross a "red line" and "held accountable." But no one seems to agree on how to do that, and most countries have been happy not to have to figure it out. If the Times report is true, they will. Soon.

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