Owner of Collapsed Bangladesh Building Caught Trying to Flee the Country

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The death toll in the Bangladesh factory collapse was raised to 381 on Monday morning, as rescuers say time is running out to find any more survivors still alive inside the rubble. Authorities in Savar say that more than 2,000 people were rescued from inside the building since the upper floors collapsed last Wednesday, and as many as 30 survivors were pulled out on Sunday. But with those inside trapped for nearly a week now, it's growing increasingly unlikely that anyone still inside will be rescued at this point.

Relatives and co-workers of the victims are now turning their attention to punishing the owners of the building and the factories that operated inside it for the negligence that allowed thousands of workers to be sent into the decaying structure. On Sunday, police arrested the building's owner, Sohel Rana, ending a four-day manhunt. He was captured in a town near the border with India, where it was believed he was trying to escape the country. Seven other people, including Rana's wife, have been arrested over the disaster though it's not yet clear what they will be charged with. Five garment companies operated out of the building and the heads of each company have either been arrested or turned themselves in to face charges.

Rana's arrest was announced over loudspeakers at the building site, prompting loud cheers and applause from rescuers and families still awaiting word on the fate of loved ones. 

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