North Koreans Skipped Work in Kaesong on Tuesday

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North Korean workers didn't show up for work at the Kaesong factory complex Tuesday. Don't be jealous, though. This puts the future of the factory site and one of the country's biggest economic sources in jeopardy.

The country followed through on its decision to withdraw its around 50,000 citizens from working in the factories alongside South Korean workers. When they didn't show up on Tuesday, many factories were forced to halt production without their usual North Korean labor force. North Korea's decision to remove its workers from Kaesong ended the last connection of cooperation with the South. The decision won't have a big economic impact in the South, but for North Koreans the factories were one of the country's only remaining sources of currency. North Korea only has one international financial supporter: China, and even they want North Korea to stop threatening to bomb everyone. Should the North Korean workers continue to skip work, some of the companies operating in the complex could shut down

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