Tears and Jeers at Margaret Thatcher's Funeral

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Thousands of Britons lined the streets of London to give their final respects—and their final insults—to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The Iron Lady's casket was marched through the city with full military guard, from the Palace of Westminister to St. Paul's Cathedral, where dignitaries from around the world gathered for a somber memorial service.

In addition to the mourners and gawkers, there was also a large contingent of protesters, many of whom were celebrating the demise their former leader. Some are still angry about the many changes she brought to the country during three terms in office—particularly her dismantling of unions and some welfare programs—while others were simply furious that £10 million was being spent on a state funeral to honor such a famous foe of state spending. Many held anti-Thatcher signs and some turned their backs or even booed as her coffin was marched by.

There were also probably many who just wanted to see the pomp and circumstance of a rare national spectacle. Even Queen Elizabeth made an unusual exception for a reigning monarch and attended her first funeral for a politician since Winston Churchill died. 

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