Ikea's Moose Meat Lasagna Contains More Than Just Moose Meat

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Ikea's having trouble with their meat products again. Months after pulling the product from their stores, the company admitting this weekend that a batch of its moose lasagna contained trace amounts of pork. The company pulled 17,600 lasangas that were 1.4 percent pork — they're not supposed to contain any pork — and blamed the suppliers sloppy cleaning practices for the contamination. There's nothing dangerous about pork, but Ikea says it won't "tolerate any other ingredients than the ones stipulated in our recipes or specifications." In related news, Ikea sells moose lasagna.

Few people would blink at the story of Ikea's pork-infused moose lasagna if the company hadn't just been through a drawn out scandal involving horsemeat in its meatballs. As the BBC put it, "It is the latest in a series of meat contamination scandals across Europe." Ikea halted the sale of its famous meatballs after the discovery, and while the horse meat wasn't hazardous either, the whole situation was pretty gross. Over the span of two months, the scandal ended up affecting almost every country in the European Union.

So next time you go to Ikea in Europe or otherwise, be careful what you order. Actually maybe don't order anything. As one person put it on Twitter, "I'm starting to think we shouldn't buy meat from a furniture store."

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