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The guy chosen to be Hugo Chavez's heir in Venezuela isn't letting a double digit lead in the polls stop him from attacking his opponents where it really hurts ahead of the country's election. He said his opponent is related, albeit distantly, to Adolf Hitler. 

Interim President Nicolas Maduro was speaking at a campaign rally Saturday ahead of the April 14 democratic elections in Venezuela, the first since longtime leader Hugo Chavez passed away March 5. Maduro said Henrique Capriles, his opponent in the election, was a descendant of the Führer:

"The campaign against Cuba is just like the campaign against the Jews in Hitler's Germany," Maduro said during a rally in Chavez's home state of Barinas. "The heirs of Hitler are leading a campaign in Venezuela against the people of Cuba."

Reuters reports his remarks were a response to opposition accusations that Maduro is receiving direct guidance from Cuban leader Raul Castro. The Cuban country began sending doctors to Venezuela ten years ago under Chavez to provide free health care in poor areas. The opposition seems to be implying the leader of the communist country is a threat to Venezuela's democracy. 

It should be noted that Chavez once compared George W. Bush to Hitler. "The imperialist, genocidal, fascist attitude of the US president has no limits. I think Hitler would be like a suckling baby next to George W Bush," he once said

And it's not like this is the first time Maduro has said something so outlandish. Let's not forget that on the day Chavez died he accused a U.S. official of giving Chavez cancer and kicked out of the country. But why he needs to stoop so low as to compare the equally as crazy Caprilles to Hitler is unclear. He was groomed to succeed Chavez, and he's leading in the pools with two weeks out left before the election. But, hey, you can apparently never be too cautious. 

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