Three Reasons to Believe Will and Kate Are Having a Baby Girl

The Duchess of Cambridge gave the gossip blogs a gimme on Tuesday, when she accidentally hinted that she was expecting a baby girl while greeting her subjects on a visit to Grimsby.

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The Duchess of Cambridge gave the gossip blogs a gimme on Tuesday, when she accidentally hinted that she was expecting a baby girl while greeting her subjects on a visit to Grimsby. On the otherwise mundane trip to the seaside town in northern England, Kate gladly accepted a teddy bear as a gift from one of the locals. "Thank you, I will take that for my d… for my baby." Uh oh! Babies only come in two genders — at least according to Buckingham Palace they do — and out of the many words an expectant mother could use to describe her child, only one* starts with a "d". Pressed by the local as to why she didn't finish her d-word, the Duchess simply said, "What do you mean? We don't know yet." Pressed harder, Kate said, "We're not telling."

So let's just go ahead and solve this mystery with the scientific method. We'll start with an obvious hypothesis: Will and Kate are having a baby girl. Now let's collect some evidence. We've found at least three solid reasons why it's time to stop speculating and start shopping for pink baby clothes.

Reason One: Kate Almost Said So - If the tabloids' transcripts from the Grimsby visit are correct than the young expectant mother let it slip, plain and simple. "Thank you, I will take that for my daughter" would've been the natural response when received a gift for a child. Kate caught herself, but the damage was done. Seriously, what word would she have said if not daughter? "Delightful bundle of joy" perhaps?

Reason Two: Will and Kate Know - Let's dig into that dialogue again. After denying knowledge of the baby's gender and goaded by the local, Kate replied, "We're not telling." Well if she didn't actually know, wouldn't she just repeat herself and say she didn't know? Saying she's not telling just suggests that she knows but doesn't want to talk about it. After the incident Us Weekly cited an anonymous source that confirmed the couple knew "but they've only told their parents."

Reason Three: Queen Elizabeth Anticipates a Princess - This one is a little more shaky. Back in January, Queen Elizabeth made a slight adjustment to the rules that govern royal titles so that Will and Kate's daughter, should they have a daughter, would be referred to as "princess." The old rule, set by King George V, would've bestowed the title of "lady" onto Will and Kate's daughter. A son, however, would be a prince. Would Queen Elizabeth have gone through all that the trouble if she didn't know the baby's gender at all or if the couple was expecting a son? It's hard to know. Maybe she was just covering her bases. Regardless, if the Queen isn't expecting a great-grand-daughter, she's certainly anticipating one.

Now comes the experiment portion of the method. Reports of Kate's visit to Grimsby hit the blogs pretty late in the day on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, this will be hot gossip, but it will also be reported news that needs confirmation. Us Weekly already got an anonymous source on record. We're guessing another publication will one up them with either a firmer confirmation or an believable denial. (Kate's denial is not so believable.)

Then comes the conclusion which will more or less involve an endless parade of "Guess the Baby's Name" blog posts and "The Palace Gets a Princess" essays explaining how long ago it was since we had a real baby princess to dress up in outfits and insert into Disney movie narratives. Hope you like tiaras!

* - Correct us if we're wrong.

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