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One of the best parts about crazy North Korea news is the way things are portrayed in their media. This was never more evident than in that awesome video of the North Korea anchorwoman announcing the rocket launch that had everyone freaking out in December. But here, right now, we have another masterpiece of North Korean propaganda. This 15 minute news recap of Dennis Rodman's trip to Pyongyang is kind of amazing: 

Unfortunately, we don't speak Korean so we have no idea what the news anchor is saying. Still, Donald Trump would probably love this video. The first two and a half minutes consists only of shots of people clapping for Kim Jong-Un. Once he is seated, Dennis Rodman comes out for more applause. There are so many people applauding in this video. Our first favorite part was Un's little waves he gives to his fans: 

Then there are a few shots of some of the hot basketball passing plays from the game they attended together, featuring the Harlem Globetrotters who travelled with Rodman: 

The North Korean crowd was very impressed by the action. More clapping: 

There's also a cute shot of Rodman explaining some of the mechanics of the game to Un and another North Korean official. Un seems very impressed by Rodman's knowledge. 

The rest of the video is more hilarious shots of people clapping for the action on the court, and few more highlights. We did not do the math on this, but at least 7 minutes of the video is shots of people clapping. (Can you imagine if Sportscenter did this for every game?) The best part of it all, though, is the music. The music playing in the background is straight out of a video game. It instantly recalls memories of sitting in a college dorm room, trying not to think about your term paper due in three days while you eat pizza and play Super Smash Brothers on your friend's Wii. If you listen closely you can hear someone say "Falcon Punch!" in the background of the video. (Not really, but you still believed me for a second.) 

The last five minutes of the video is taken from a dinner party where Rodman and his travelling party were the guests of honor. In a white room, with white tables and white flowers -- seriously, everything is white -- Rodman is presented with what looks like a box of cigars and Kin Jung-Un's autograph: 

So, North Korea has cigars, and Dennis Rodman is smoking them somewhere this week. He also has Kim Jong-Un's autograph. Somewhere, Toni Kukoc and Michael Jordan are feeling kind of jealous right now. 

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