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A British tourist took drastic measures to avoid the unwanted advance of a hotel owner offering her a "massage" at 4 a.m. Tuesday morning, in just the latest public signal that the Indian rape epidemic has spiraled even more out of control than even previously imagined.

The Associated Press reports a British woman leapt from her third-floor hotel window in Agra, the site of the Taj Mahal, after the hotel's owner refused to accept that she didn't want an early morning "free massage" from him. The woman alleges the owner of the Hotel Agra Mahal repeatedly knocked on her door — and well after she declined his offer. The Washington Post reports the owner left and eventually came back with a security guard to try and force their way in. With the owner and his crony blocking the normal exit, she was left with no other option, and out the window she went. The woman fractured her leg. Indian police arrested the hotel owner Tuesday morning. 

Over the weekend, a Swiss women and her husband were attacked by a group of about seven men while on a cycling trip from Orchha to Agra, a trip ranging about 155 miles. The husband was beaten with wooden sticks and forced to watch while four men allegedly raped his wife. Five men have confessed to the crime, according to Indian police. About 20 were detained for questioning over the weekend. 

In January, India was shocked after a 23-year-old student travelling on a bus with her boyfriend was attacked and gang-raped a group of men. She died from injuries suffered in the attack, but her death sparked violent protests that put the country's brutal rape problem on display for the whole world. Since then, further horriblegraphic incidents have garnered the worst kind of international media attention. The majority of India's reported rapes occur in the northern part of the country. Government statistics show a woman is raped in India every 20 minutes, and yet, India has one of the lowest conviction rate for rapists in the world.

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