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With North Korea continuing to agitating things with their enemies to the South, Kim Jong-un is doing his best to prepare his troops to break some waists. Nothing boosts morale in the North Korean Army more than their brave leader handing out binoculars, personally inspecting the border, and giving his best Braveheart impression by tell the troops to "break the waists of the crazy enemies, totally cut their windpipes and thus clearly show them what a real war is like."

Okay, maybe there's something lost in translation in the Korean Central News Agency report of Kim visit to the troops, because we're not sure how "breaking the waist" of your "crazy enemy" works. Then again, the report is mostly designed to a message to the South Koreans while threatening to rain fire on one of their islands.

All this talk of sea of flames and breaking waists like no one's business was part of Kim Jong-un's visit to front-line military units at Wolnae Islet Defense Detachment near South Korea's western border island of Baengnyeong (Paekryong). That's presumably where this badass photo of Kim on a military dinghy came from:

And this photo of Kim pointing out exactly which part of South Korea he'd like to see engulfed in the flames:

And this picture of Kim and a guitar that's clearly ready for war: 

The photos and the waist-breaking speeches are just the latest chapter in the North's verbal sparring (and perhaps hyperbolic threat of nuclear war) with South Korea and the United States. In the past few days North Korea, being North Korea, had shut off its emergency hotline to South Korea and said they would be nullifying the Korean War armistice. In that same span, KCNA, North Korea's state-run news agency, has released videos proving that North Korean troops are ready to scream and shout in synchronization:

They've also released a war hymn entitled "Provokers Are Bound to Meet Death." The provokers meaning the United States and South Korea, of course.

Even North Korea isn't serious about starting a war, they are seriously invested in making sure that the North Korean people think his army is absolutely pumped for war and the destruction of their enemies. These lovely photos and Kim's war face aside, it's still unlikely (hopefully) that North Korea is actually crazy enough to as Senator Bob Menendez puts it risk "suicide" by attacking the United States. After all, our latest ambassador to the country and Kim Jong-un's life-long bestie, Dennis Rodman, said he'd be visiting the country again this August. So we're at least safe until then, right? 

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