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In February 2002, Wall Street Journal corespondent Daniel Pearl was killed after spending a month in captivity with Pakistani terrorists. In March 2013, someone was finally arrested in connection with his death. ABC News reports Pakistani officials have arrested a suspect in connection with the American journalist's murder. Plenty of people were arrested for helping out with the kidnapping, but his murder has remained unresolved. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, one of the 9/11 masterminds, claimed it was he who ordered Pearl kidnapped, and took credit for beheading him while under questioning at Guantanamo Bay. Mohammed has never been charged with the murder.

Indeed, the arrested suspect, Qari Abdul Hayee, was not the killer, Pakistani officials said, but they believe he was one of the people involved with the kidnapping and that he will have good information. A person with a remarkably similar name was included as a suspect in a 2011 Georgetown student investigation called the Daniel Pearl Project

Shortly after the September 11 attacks, Pearl was on his way to interview a Muslim fundamentalist leader in Pakistan when he was captured. Pearl was gruesomely beheaded, and later a (sometimes censored) video of his beheading was seen by most everyone on television and the Internet. Ed Koch, the recently departed former New York mayor, recently honored Pearl's legacy by using one of Pearl's quotes on his grave stone. 

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