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The theory that Oscar Pistorius may have lashed out at his girlfriend in a "roid rage" attack is apparently more than just wild speculation, as the there are now reports that illegal drugs were found in the Olympic sprinter's home. The UK paper The Sun reported on Monday that police found banned performance enhancing drugs in his Pretoria home during their investigation of the crime scene. The source says they also found evidence of heaving drinking, which prompted them to order full drug tests of the suspect. 

The latest theory according to various news reports is that Pistorius may have attacked Reeva Steenkamp with a cricket bat—though an alternate theory is that she may have been using it to defend herself—before shooting her once in the hip. She then retreated to the bathroom and may have been sitting down when he fired through the door, hitting her three more times, including once in the head.

Police have not revealed a potential motive, but other media reports suggest that Pistorius may have been angry about his girlfriend's relationship with a former boyfriend. News of the shooting has dredged up older stories about Pistorius's temper and his treatment of former girlfriends. A former South African soccer star says he was threatened by Pistorius last year, after a friend of his got into a dispute with Pistorius over a woman the sprinter used to date. Mark Batchelor told a Johannesburg paper:

"The man I heard on the phone is a different man from the image given out there. He carries a gun everywhere and I have seen him be controlling to women.

It's believed that Pistorius's legal team will continue to argue that he believed Steenkamp to be an intruder and shot her by mistake.

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