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At least two coordinated bombs went off in the Indian city of Hyderabad, in what appears to be terrorist attack. Reports say that as many as 15 people have been killed, though the number of dead and injured could rise considerably as rescuers and first responders sort through the chaotic scene. According to Reuters, a government official put the death toll at 10, with 50 more injured. Agence France-Presse says 15 have been killed. There were initial reports of as many as five bomb blasts, but only two have been confirmed, and there may have been a third bomb that was unexploded.

The attacks happened shortly after 7:00 p.m. local time in the crowded commercial district of Dilsukh Naga. Police believe one of the bombs may have been planted by a man on a motorcycle, and appeared to target high-traffic areas, including a bus stop and a pedestrian bridge, and possibly  a movie theater. Authorities have jammed local cellphone networks both to prevent more bombs from going off and to prevent false information from spreading. Unfortunately, that also prevents citizens from tracking down loved ones or disseminiting actual, useful details.

Video from local news reports show a rather chaotic situtation. The Times of India has reports in English. Some of the images in the videos may be graphic, as are some of the pictures being tweeted and posted on Facebook. The one below was taken by a citizen on the scene, but you can see more by following this link.



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