A Woman Was Gang-Raped and Thrown Out of a Moving Car in India

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With news of yet another pair of horrific incidents, the recent spate of gangs attacking and raping women on buses in India is now a trend. Only, with the introduction of injected drugs, an abduction, pornography and the victim being thrown out of a moving car, the methods of this latest gang are somewhat more horrific. It all began in Punjab's Moga district when the gang encountered the woman on a bus. The Times of India describes the ensuing incident in hair-raising detail:

After [the 26-year-old woman] got down at Sector 43 bus terminal an unknown person came to her asking for an address. Before she could say anything, she was dragged into a car where there was another woman and a man. They gagged her and injected her with some drug after which she fell unconscious. 

When she woke up, she saw four men in a room and one of them was filming her in the nude. When she screamed she was drugged again. She alleged that she was gang-raped by the men. She was thrown out of a car around 5.30pm on Sunday on the Bathinda-Dabawali road.

The woman survived the tumble and is being treated at a local hospital. It so far unknown what else happened to her in the 48-plus hours that she was being held by her attackers.

Disturbingly enough, that wasn't the only gang rape reported in India over the weekend. A girl in Nagpur was raped by a gang of armed dacoits on Friday night after they tried to rob several houses in the village but failed find anything of value. Angry and empty-handed they came upon an 18-year-old girl whom they pinned down and raped at least twice. She escaped and was founded running naked down the road by a neighbor. Police say they've identified some of the culprits and are in the process of bringing them in.

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Even if police do bring in these two gangs of rapists, we're left to believe that another two will rise up in their place, as these types of crime seem increasingly common in India. It was just over a month ago that the world heard the horrible saga of Jyoti Singh Pandey, the 23-year-old woman savagely gang-raped with rusted tools and left for dead. She did eventually die after being flown to Singapore for medical treatment, but the details of that incident ignited nationwide protests and made headlines worldwide. Amidst calls for government reform, even more gang-rapes were reported, and the reality India's out-of-control rape problem is now becoming brutally clear at this point.

Though it would be encouraging to say the problem's not getting worse, that was not true this weekend.

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