Wait, What Exactly Happened Last Night? A New Year's Review

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Some people imbibe a little too much champagne on New Year's Eve and forget the night's previous events. So in the interest of helping those people piece together their night, we compiled a little news roundup of events from around the world. 

At Your Party: Your friend Steve was That Guy who put a lampshade on his head. You finally told Jenny how you really feel about her, only to blame it on the champagne and festivities first thing this morning. 

New York: There was something missing from last night's New Year's Eve celebrations in New York City. People gathered in Times Square, the same way they have since 1904. The ball dropped just like every other year. But something familiar was missing: Dick Clark. It was the first New Year's Eve since his passing in April. Carson Daily hosted the show, and Psy brought M.C. Hammer out to do one last performance of Gangnam Style. 

Mayor Bloomberg did not kiss Lady Gaga this year, though he did dance with the Radio City Rockettes and steal some kisses from them. That sly ol' dog. (via the AP)

California: A fight in a Sacramento sports bar got out of hand and spilled out into the streets and somehow escalated into two people getting shot and killed. Three others were injured. There were 40,000 people gathered to watch fireworks at midnight, but they have to be cancelled. (This is why we can't have nice things. 

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Also in California: Hugh Hefner married the girl that left him at the alter. Awww. 

Maryland: Same sex marriage became legal in Maryland at midnight so there were a bunch of weddings! Congrats, all!

Washington: They ordered some pizza. That's about it. 

Ivory Coast: About 60 people were trampled to death at a stadium fireworks gathering after security forces showed up to help disperse the crowd, inciting panic and a stampede. 

Germany: Meanwhile, in Berlin, about 1 million people tried to break the flashmob world record by dancing to Gangnam Style. Berlin should be ashamed of itself. 

Britain: A bunch of people in Britain got loaded and made total asses of themselves and thankfully the Daily Mail does an annual photo round-up of the mayhem. 

Globally: Yoko Ono wants everyone to chill.

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