This Is What It Looks Like When Syria Bombs a University

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Two explosions rocked Syria's Aleppo University on Tuesday, the very first day of the school's exams, and it looks like it was carried out by way of a jet loyal to Bashar al-Assad. 

Al-Jazeera reports bombs were seen falling from the sky before two explosions came from buildings at the school, killing at least 52 people. Syrian rebels claim that Assad loyalists carried out the attack, while Syrian state television claims "terrorists" fired two rockets at the school. 

It appears university students and citizens who fled fighting in other areas of the country and took shelter in some of the school's buildings were killed in the attacks. Some activists expect the death toll to rise because many of those wounded are in critical condition. 

Some activists said they expected the death toll to rise as high as 90. Aleppo's mayor already told the AFP that there were up 80 killed and 160 wounded as of Tuesday evening. 

The explosions were powerful enough to knock these cars in the parking lot clear onto their sides. 

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