This Is What a Day of Bombs in Pakistan Looks Like

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After a series of unrelated bombings, more than 100 people were reportedly killed and over 200 reportedly injured in Pakistan Thursday. 

The most destructive bombings occurred in Quetta, a city in the nation's southwest region. A suicide bomber reportedly attacked a busy billiards club and a car bomb went off just outside the club approximately ten minutes later, killing about 69 people and injuring over 100 more. The second blast seemed to target emergency response crews there attending to the fallout of the original suicide bomber. "After the blast the entire building came down. As the rescue teams and journalists rushed to the scene, a second explosion took place," Al Jazeera's Kamal Hyder reported.

Earlier Thursday, an unrelated bomb went off in a Quetta market killing 12 people and injuring 40 more. Parliamentary soldiers were believed to be the target. In another, separate incident Thursday, a blast went off in the middle of a crowd gathered to hear a religious leader speak in Mingora, a city in the northwest, killing 21 people and injuring about 60 more. 

This Reuters photo shows the destruction from the early market explosion:

This Reuters photo shows a boy who was hurt in the second blast at the Quetta billiards hall: 

This Reuters photo shows a rescue worker receiving treatment after being injured in the second explosion at the billiards hall: 

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