New Violence in Kashmir Raises Tensions Between India and Pakistan

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Three deadly incidents in last five days have raised fears of a new major conflict between India and Pakistan as the their armies continue to challenge each other in the disputed region of Kashmir. A Pakistani solider was shot killed on Thursday while manning a post along the "Line of Control" that divides the region between the two sides. Just two days ago, two Indian soldiers were killed in a firefight, their bodies mutilated, and their heads reportedly decapitated after Pakistani soldiers allegedly crossed over the border. And latest round of violence began on Sunday, with the death of a Pakistani soldier killed by fire from the Indian side.

Each side accuses the other of starting the skirmishes, of crossing the border illegally, and provoking the other to action. Each country also denies entering the other's territory and have both filed formal diplomatic complaints with each other and the United Nations.

The conflict over Kashmir dates back to the formation of the two nations in 1947. India and Pakistan have fought two majors wars—and several smaller ones—over the territory before they both became nuclear powers and eventually agreed to a truce in 2003. However, the cease-fire has been violated multiple times since then, with sporadic shooting incidents across the LOC. This latest round comes at awkward time as the nations just completed a highly-touted cricket tour meant to signal that the rift between India and Pakistan was healing.

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