Here's Video of Crocodiles Being Handcuffed in South Africa

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We brought you news on Thursday that 7,500 crocodiles were roaming free after massive flooding in South Africa. Now, with as many as 10,000 on the loose and authorities and crocodile farmers on the hunt, the Associated Press has some raw video of locals wrestling crocs to the ground and essentially handcuffing them. 

Jason Staziuso of the AP reported that police are uncertain as to how many crocodiles are loose —  though all estimates have been in the high four figures. Police are asking for help in capturing the reptiles and bringing them back to the Rakwena Crocodile Farm, the place from where the majority escaped. That said, Donald Strydom, a wildlife expert, told South Africa's eNews Channel Africa: "People must not go into a monster hunt and think these crocodiles are out to eat them."

If you were wondering why this is all going down at night, Staziuso explained that it's easier to hunt crocodiles after dark because "their eyes glow when hit with a beam of light." The only advice we can offer is: never smile at a crocodile.

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