You, Too, Can Now Play with the Wealth of Billionaires

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With 80 billionaires in Davos this week, why not explore the numbers on some of the richest people in the world? Bloomberg's newly launched site for their Billionaires Index allows you to look at the wealth of billionaires in myriad ways. When you first arrive on the site the billionaires, represented by small portraits, get ranked by net worth, with Carlos Slim and Bill Gates taking the top two spots. But you can look at billionaires in a number of ways — rank them by dollar change year to date, which puts Warren Buffett in the top spot, or by daily percentage change, which puts Mark Zuckerberg in the front. Other ways to look at the billionaires include plotting their net worth, in rankings or dollars, against a variety of topics including, for instance, number of children: 

Bloomberg's Matthew Miller points out: "That’s Malaysia’s Robert Kuok with the highest net worth-to-children ratio." Another way to look at the data involves mapping the billionaires: 

You can also arrange by gender and see how few women are represented, also something of an issue at Davos

The Billionaires Index is described by Miller as a "a daily tally of the world’s 100 richest people compiled by Bloomberg News." It originally launched in March. 

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