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Imagine driving down the highway one day when a plane suddenly careens into the side of the ramp you're driving on and debris starts flying everywhere. Horrifying, right? For some in Moscow, that became a reality on Saturday. And there's video, too. 

A Tu-204 plane belonging to the Russian Red Wings airline overshot the runway and ran into a highway ramp while trying to land in Moscow on Saturday. In all, five people were killed. Only eight people were on board. Investigators are still trying to figure out what happened by examining the plane's black box. For now, Sky News reports a pilot error to be the cause of the crash. What's even crazier about the whole thing is that it was all caught on video. 

We'll warn you: the video is pretty scary. You can see the plane slamming into the side of the highway ramp. You can also hear the moment one of the plane's tires flies off and slams into the car ahead of the one capturing the video. If you're wondering why a dashboard camera in a civilian car was able to capture the whole thing, it's because of how bad insurance fraud is in Russia. "A great number of Russian drivers use dashcams to combat the country’s rampant insurance fraudsters," NYC Aviation's Matt Molnar explains

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