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We're still a long way from the actual birth of the new heir to England's throne, but if Kate and Will's just announced offspring is a girl and a future queen, it looks like "Diana" could be part of her name — just not the first part. Yes, of course there's that whole sex-of-the-baby thing, but let's say that the royal fetus is indeed a girl. Here's why Diana, at least according to the royal tabloid reporters and British tradition, might show up on that birth certificate... toward the middle: 

Royals Have Like Three or Four Names Each: Prince William's full name is William Arthur Philip Louis. It's assumed that the royal baby will continue in this tradition, using names of her relatives — and lots of them.

Remember the Ring: William isn't afraid of honoring his mother, and we all noticed that when he picked out Kate's engagement ring — an 18-carat sapphire that Diana picked in 1981. And even in 1981, Diana was scolded for picking out a commoner's ring and not having one that was custom-made.

He's Sort of Set on "Diana" Already: "If it’s a girl her middle names will be Elizabeth after Wills’ grandmother and Diana after his mother," a source told Now Magazine back in June in the wake of the Diamond Jubilee.

But It Won't Be Her First Name: "If it's a girl it's not likely to be called Diana," royal expert Rob Lacey told ABC News. "You might very likely get Elizabeth Diana something. It shows the bravery with which he's kept his mother's memory alive," Lacey said. 

Also, as Slate points out, "Queen" pretty much becomes the name anyway. Of course this could all be moot if the fetus turns out to be a boy — William would be seriously breaking with tradition in honoring his mother with a female first name as any part of a future king's name, no matter how long it is. 


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