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With so much backlash out there, we're wondering if President Mohamed Morsi really liked anything he said, either. It was make-or-break Thursday for Morsi—protests had turned deadly Wednesday with members of the Muslim Brotherhood apparently gunning down at least two Morsi opponents in dueling protests over his ongoing power grab. And his speech this evening, in the face of those deaths and bubbling dissent against his executive decree of powers, was supposed to give us an idea and set the tone of how he and his allies were going address those protesters and the growing unrest in the region. All that said, Morsi blamed protesters for the deaths. Oof. The WaPo's Max Fisher tweets:


So, yes, the gist of it is that Morsi picked a side and refused to acknowledge the violence that came from the Muslim Brotherhood. 

And because of that, there is currently a march going on in Alexandria with people chanting for him to "leave like Mubarak."

The Muslim Brotherhood's official news stream is tweeting this out:

And this is reportedly a shot of the scene there:

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