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Update, Wednesday: It's a fake. It's really annoying fake.

Original post: So, you thought you had a traumatic childhood. Were you ever abducted by one of the world's deadliest birds of prey? This tiny toddler from Montréal just was. As if that weren't disturbing enough, he'll probably have to deal with the horror of becoming a YouTube sensation now, too.

This sort of thing actually happens from time to time in the eagle's habitat. About a decade ago, a bald eagle with an intimidating six-foot wingspan terrorized the beaches of New Hampshire, injuring two adults and one baby. It's hardly a new phenomenon, too. Way back in 1868, an eagle successfully stole a small boy from a yard in Tennessee and carried it two miles before a hunter's shots scared the eagle into dropping the child, "a fine, healthy, rosy boy, with torn clothes, but otherwise uninjured." Mountain goats tend not to be so lucky.

Thus continues the a series of strange animal tales north of the border. Last month, there was a horse chilling out in the lobby of a fancy hotel in Toronto, a strange sight that's actually a tradition in Canada's largest city. Kinda weird, huh? Just last week, we saw a monkey in a winter coat get lost while wandering around an Ikea. That was actually pretty cute. And now a golden eagle stealing children. Things are getting scary at this point.

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