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The maple syrup heist that threatened to devastate the Canadian economy (sort of) has been solved (for the most part). Canadian authorities recovered most of the maple syrup and arrested three men in relation to the heist. 

At the end of the summer an estimated $30 million worth of maple syrup was discovered to have been stolen from reserve warehouses in Quebec, Canada. You might not think that's a very big deal, except maple syrup is a pretty big part of the Canadian economy. Canada supplies about 75 percent of the world's maple syrup. So, yeah, thank the pancake gods the police have recovered about two thirds of the stolen sticky stuff. 

The heist was quite the operation. In the end, three thieves have been arrested and police are still looking for five more. (Basically, they were the Canada's real-life reservoir dogs.) And the whole thing took a lot of effort and planning, judging by the scope of the investigation detailed in the Globe and Mail's report:

The police investigation spanned two countries and several Canadian provinces. Investigators met with nearly 300 people and executed search warrants in New Brunswick, Ontario and the United States.

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