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And on the second Friday of December, the meme gods smiled down on us. Yes, this is an actual picture of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un watching his country's (mostly) successful and not-quite-nuclear launch of a satellite into space this week... while relaxing with a smoke. Reddit, you know what to do. Here's the untouched photo provided by NoKo's ever-enthusiastic state television agency...

...and that's sort of perfect. Look at that phone. And the (custom?) desk? It's everything Austin Powers taught us about warlords and Dr. Evils. But it's missing one thing we think. Ahh, The Grist's Philip Bump figured it out:

There we go. If you can do better let us know and we'll include your PhotoShopping in this post. 

Update 10:56 a.m.: Homeland fans, blogger/writer Bobby Finger has got you covered:



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