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As we remember the anniversary of Pearl Harbor on our shores today, take some time to look at the damage World War II wrought on Britain by way of this interactive map that shows just how frequently London was hit during the Blitz. The Bomb Site project, brought to us by The Guardian, has mapped the bombs that fell in London between July 10, 1940 and June 6, 1941. Exploring the app you can see just how frequently bombs hit: zooming out shows how few areas were spared, zooming in shows each street the blasts marked. Clicking on each red dot signifying a bomb reveals more information about the specific hit, and you can also search for details by London area. Per Bomb Sight's website, the project "scanned original 1940s bomb census maps, geo-referenced the maps and digitally captured the geographical locations of all the falling bombs recorded on the original map." What they've devised here is a fascinating historical record that puts the damage London suffered into geographical context. A lot of it.

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