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No, this isn't a dirty joke. One of the biggest stories north of the border today revolves around a Toronto's hotel refusal to let a horse walk through their lobby. 

See, Canada has its own version of football where everything is bigger, faster and easier. And Canada's version of the Super Bowl, the Grey Cup, is this weekend. Justin Bieber is performing at halftime! It should be a rollicking good time, if you happen to be from one of the eight cities that have teams. (Seriously.) 

Anyway, the Calgary Stampeders made it to this year's Grey Cup and they have this strange Cup tradition where a horse rides into the lobby of a hotel every year they make it. It started in 1948 when Stamps fans rode a horse through the lobby of Toronto's Royal York Hotel to celebrate making the Grey Cup that year. So, with the Stamps here again, and it being the 100th Grey Cup and tradition is important, AND the game is being played in Toronto this year, they were going to do it again. Except the hotel had second thoughts.

People were outraged. It resulted in a bunch of bad press for the hotel. Fans lined up outside and chanted, "Let us in!"

But then they relented...

And that's the story of how a horse walked into Canadian hotel. For really great pictures, go check out the National Post.


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