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For the second day in a row, an Israeli missile has hit the media center in Gaza, this time claiming the life of a senior member of Islamic Jihad. The Palestinian militant group confirmed the death of Ramez Harb, a top member of their al-Quds Brigade, in the attack.

The Israeli Defense Forces claim there were four members of Islamic Jihad in the media building and that they were not there to be interviewed. The @IDFSpokesperson Twitter feed claims they only targeted the second floor of the building, but as the picture above (taken by Paul Dandahar of the BBC) shows, the building was on fire and heavily damaged.

The 15-story building houses the offices of Al-Aqsa TV and several other media organizations that operate in Gaza. The IDF struck the top of the same building on Sunday, claiming that there was communication equipment on the roof that was being used by Hamas. Several journalists were wounded in that attack, including a cameraman who lost part of his leg. (Warning: Graphic, bloody photos.) 

The IDF stands by recent attacks in highly populated areas, asserting that anyone associating with Hamas or Islamic Jihad leaders should be aware of the danger and understand that they could be killed. They are also essentially warning Hamas and Islamic Jihad that the use of human shields won't stop Israel from attacking when they have an opportunity.

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