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Just in case you needed any more evidence that Israel is really super serious about wanting to take out Iran's nuclear operations, a new report claims that Benjamin Netanyahu initiated a plan to attack Iran back as early as 2010. And we're not talking a plan to make a plan or a proposal that Netanyahu ran by the Israeli Parliament, either. We're talking about an operation that was ready to be executed. 

As we now know, Netanyahu did not get his war in 2010. The New York Times reported on the news after a promotional video for an hourlong documentary about the operation played in Israel on Sunday night and said that the Israeli prime minister and Defense Minister Ehud Barak's "efforts were blocked by concerns over whether the military could do so and whether the men had the authority to give such an order." Nevertheless, Netanyahu told his top advisors at the time to "set the systems for P-plus," a sort of Defcon 1 for the Israeli military. The Israel Defense Forces and head of the Mossad believed that Netanyahu and Barak were trying to "steal a war."

We really have to reiterate the fact that Netanyahu could not talk his top brass into carrying out the operation. Gabi Ashkenazi, the head of the Israeli Defense Forces at the time, said on the news broadcast that the P-plus order was a serious one, but it was not the be all end all of the situation. "This is not something you do unless you are certain you want to execute at the end. This accordion will make music if you keep playing it," Ashkenazi said. Barak himself admitted, "Eventually, at the moment of truth, the answer that was given was that, in fact, the ability did not exist" to move forward with the attack. 

Anybody else think this sounds like the plot to an Oscar award-winning George Clooney movie?

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