Zetas Leader's Purported Dead Body Has Been Snatched

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Just hours after the Mexican Navy said they killed Heriberto Lazcano, the leader of the infamous Zetas Cartel, a state prosecutor has now said that Lazcano's dead body has been stolen. "An armed group stole the body of the slain leader of Mexico's brutal Zetas drug cartel from a funeral home in northern Mexico, just hours after he was killed in a gun battle with Marines," reports Reuters, citing a statement from a Mexican state prosecutor Homero Ramos. The BBC adds that the the Navy said it wasn't in custody of the body at the time it disappeared, having handed over the body to local authorities in Coahuila, Mexico. Details are still coming in, but as of this morning it was still unclear whether or not the man the Mexican Navy says it killed was actually Lazcano. Not having the body around will make it much more difficult to establish if the guy nicknamed "The Executioner" and responsible for some of the most gruesome acts in the country's drug wars is dead or alive. Reuters reports that Mexican officials say that initial forensic tests which included a fingerprint test, confirmed it was indeed Lazcano.

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