Things Don't Look Good for the Pakistani Girl Shot by the Taliban

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Al-Jazeera reports things aren't looking very good for Malala Yousafzai, the 14-year-old girl and activist that Taliban members shot the other day while she was walking to school. Al-Jazeera is reporting Yousafzai has a "very limited chance of life left," according to a source inside the hospital where she's receiving treatment. Yousafzai's outlook has been mostly positive, with doctors saying she had a 70 percent chance of recovery. "[The] face and head swelled alot. Face complexion [has] become dark. She could be removed from ventilator within a few hours," Al-Jazeera's source said. Three men were arrested the other day in connection with Yousafzai's shooting. Yousafzai received several peace awards for her blog for the BBC that promoted education for girls in Pakistan and was critical of the Taliban. Most of the country has been praying for Yousafzai to make a full recovery, but that might not be enough. The Taliban have vowed to finish the job even if she does survive. The next 12 hours will be critical for her recovery, according to the hospital source. There is still some hope. 



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