Rebekah Brooks Got a Sweet $11 Million Severance Package

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Rebekah Brooks, the former CEO of News Corp.'s UK newspaper division and who is now charged in the News of the World phone hacking scandal, got an $11 million dollar severance package upon her departure, according to anonymous sources speaking with The New York Times's John F. Burns. The source confirms a figure reported in Tuesday's Financial Times, which put the pay-out at $11.2 million. That multi-million dollar deal included "reimbursement of her legal fees and the use of a car and chauffeur as well as salary and pension payouts," writes Burns. Though not all of that comes in the form of straight-up cash, reports last year also citing anonymous sources said that Brooks got around $2.7 million in salary alone.

There is one unfortunate caveat for Brooks, however. If she is found guilty of a criminal offense related to her employment—like those phone hacking charges—she would have to pay back a "substantial" amount, in the words of sources talking with the Financial Times's Robert Budden and Salamander Davoudi.


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