Mexico Says It Killed the Zetas Leader by Accident

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There wasn't any planning or any undercover sting operations when the Mexican navy took out Heriberto Lazcano, the leader of the Zetas, the country's most fearsome drug cartel, on Monday night. They say it was all a matter of chance. "The Mexican navy says a team of marines had no idea that they had killed the leader of the country’s most-feared drug cartel in a gunfight that erupted when they tried to search a group of suspicious men outside a baseball stadium," reports the AP. Perhaps we've watched too many crime movies, but we always thought that offing a Godfather-like crime boss whose cartel has committed some of the most gruesome acts in the Mexican drug war and runs scary things like murder training camps would require some, you know, foresight. Or at least a secret agent or three. 

Rear Admiral Jose Luis Vergara, the country's chief navy spokesman, explains that the marines didn't expect a crime boss to be hanging out with his henchmen, and thought Lazcano was just a common criminal, which is why they left his body at a local funeral home where it was later body-snatched. "Vergara said authorities only realized they had killed a significant figure when armed men stole the body from the funeral home," reports the AP. 

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