Hezbollah Takes Credit for Mystery Drone Shot Down in Israel

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The leader of the Lebanese militant movement Hezbollah has taken credit for the unidentified drone shot down in Israel last Saturday.

According to BBC reports, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah told Hezbollah's television network that the drone was built in Iran and undertook reconnaissance operations over "sensitive sites" within Israel. As we noted at the time, the unidentified craft approached Israel from the West, flying over the Mediterranean Sea and the Gaza Strip, being tailed by Israeli Air Force jets for a few miles before being pulverized. It was not carrying any explosives and was blown up over a mostly uninhabited area. Shortly after the incident occurred, the Israeli government submitted a video of the operation: 

Prior to Hezbollah's announcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had vowed to protect Israel's sovereignty, according to the AFP. "We are acting with determination to protect our borders ... as we prevented last weekend an attempt by Hezbollah," read a statement from his office. "We shall continue to act aggressively against all threats."

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