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Dominique Strauss-Kahn dodged rape allegations for the second (third?) time in a year when French prosecutors today stopped pursuing charges he allegedly raped a prostitute in a Washington hotel room. Unfortunately for DSK, he's still got a small list of sex scandals on his plate. The charges he just beat stem from a Belgian prostitute's claim to French police that she was held down by other men while Strauss-Kahn sodomized her during one of his "libertine parties" held at the W Hotel in Washington. Prosecutors say she never lodged a formal complaint, and later sent a letter saying she consented to paid sex with him. 

Of course, he also dodged the infamous New York rape charges last year. That doesn't mean DSK's lawyer's desk is empty, though. 

The other outstanding sex-related charges DSK is still involved in are as follows: 

  • Aggravated pimping: stemming from the same "libertine parties" today's defeated charges came from, prosecutors are still looking into whether  DSK's involvement in these parties, and the procurement of prostitutes for them, can amount to pimping charges
  • A civil case from Nafissatou Diallo, the maid from the original rape allegations in New York.
  • His lawyer's also have a $1 million counter-suit against her ready to go through the New York courts. 

It's not a very long list, sure. But considering he also almost faced rape charges in France from journalist Tristane Banon, it's been quite the year for him. He'll know the fate of the pimping charges by the end of the November, too. They may get dismissed on November 28 based on procedural complaints his attorneys made. At least he (presumably) still has a new girlfriend who will (hopefully) help him stay out of anymore trouble.

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