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Cyberattacks are happening constantly across the globe, and now you can see what that looks in real-time with this map by the Honeynet Project that shows so many attacks, it looks and feels like it's straight out of an apocalyptic war movie.

Each red dot that pops up when you go to the map represents an attack on a computer. Yellow dots represent honeypots, or systems set up to record incoming attacks. The black box on the bottom says where each attack is coming from as they come in. The data comes from the members of Honeynet Project's network of honeypot sensors that choose to publish the attacks. Not all of members of the project, which has more than 40 chapters around the world, chose to push data, which is why more red dots show up in Europe. 

That said, if all the attacks showed up in real-time, there would be a lot more red dots popping up in more places.  Even though it only offers a taste, the map gives an astounding sense of how much malware is attacking computer networks.

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