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Russia's prime minister called for the early release of imprisoned Pussy Riot members today. One commenter took the occasion to imagine how Putin and Medvedev might resolve an argument.

Kristopher Monroe writes

Putin is expected to challenge Medvedev to an arm wrestling match to settle this matter once and for all.

Of course, Putin and Medvedev are likely in agreement about an early Pussy Riot release. They probably just want to be done with the whole affair as soon as possible, since the trial drew international attention to Russia's stubborn backwardness on certain human rights issues. 

But picturing these macho Russian leaders engaged in various showdowns is always fun. Arm wrestling works, but you could also imagine them competing to see who lasts longer in an orgy. Or how about bobsledding, hockey, piano playing, whale hunting, shirtless horse racing, frying pan crushing, judo, or formula one racing?   Really, Medvedev could name any absurdly masculine activity, and Putin would probably ready to rumble. (Neither of them could touch the Pussy Riot girls when it comes to being authentically bad-ass and politically inspiring, though). 

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