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Chinese protests against Japan over the island dispute have gotten ugly, and people—from small businesses to owners of Japanese cars—have been quick to display loyalty to China to protect themselves. From makeshift cannons to internet doodles, here are photos of the most dramatic patriotic displays supporting China's ownership of the island:

Baidu search engine put a virtual flag over and island on its homepage, much like Google changes its doodle, according to Wall Street Journal's Duncan Mavin and Paul Mozur,

Toothpaste brand Zhonghua put boxes in a cannon and wrote a sign that says "The Diaoyu Islands belong to China!", according to a translation by Shanghaiist of a photo from Sina Weibo. 

Many Japanese restaurants locked up and tried to protect storefronts with Chinese flags for expected protests Tuesday, including this restaurant in Beijing. 

AP Photo/Ng Han Guan

Photojournalist protected Japanese-made DSLRs with flags. 

Photo from Sina Weibo via MIC Gadget

FamilyMart, a convenience store chain based in Japan. These two Shanghaii location put up Chinese flags to deter people who raided other FamilyMart locations.

(via Shanghaiist Facebook page)

The sign says: "Family Mart belongs to a Taiwan invested company"

AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko

An owner of a Toyota protected his car by putting a flag over the logo and writing "Boycott Japanese products, and let the Japanese economy collapse!" and "I bought this car before the Japanese started misbehaving. From today onwards, I will boycott Japanese products," according to a Shanghaiist translation of a Sina Weibo photo. 

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