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North Korea and Iran are now best friends, and they're going to help each other with a wide variety of science and technology projects because they have "common enemies." 

According to state media, the two countries have signed an agreement that will see them "cooperate in research, student exchanges and joint laboratories, and in the fields of information technology, engineering, biotechnology, renewable energy, the environment, sustainable development of agriculture and food technology." 

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was quoted saying the two countries have "common enemies, because the arrogant powers do not accept independent states," by Iranian state media when announcing the new partnership. There were rumors Kim Jong-Un would be in Iran this weekend, but he ended up not attending.

Who could their common enemies be? Well, neither country has been playing nice with the U.S. lately. There's been posturing and pressuring and cyber attacks. Both Iran and North Korea have nuclear programs the U.S. isn't happy about. Maybe with the new partnership, the next North Korean missile test won't break apart into a million little pieces. 

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