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China's Vice President Xi Jinping made his first public appearance at a science fair on Saturday since mysteriously disappearing two weeks ago. Despite rumors of more serious health concerns, Reuters says the rumor he threw his back out swimming was true.

State news agency Xinhua reports Xi appeared at National Science Popularization Day on Saturday, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at youngster's science projects, but didn't address his disappearance. Rumors circulated that Xi disappeared because of a stroke or a serious health concern, but doesn't appear to be the case. "Saturday’s photograph showed no evidence of facial paralysis, with Mr. Xi’s lips pursed in his customary fashion and his eyes alert," notes the New York Times' Ian Johnson. Reuters says sources confirmed Xi hurt his back swimming earlier this month and was obeying a doctor's orders to get some bed rest. Future leaders of global super powers: just like your dad. There wasn't any official explanation for the disappearance. China doesn't usually disclose any health concerns relating to top officials. Xi is expected to take control of the ruling Communist Party at some point over the next few months. 

See for yourself. Does he look like he's suffered a serious health setback to you? He looks seriously impressed by this corn experiment to us. 

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