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One of the actresses in Innocence of Muslims claims she was misled when she agreed to be in the movie, and now that it's sparked outrage around the world, she's suing the producer and Youtube, for hosting the movie, in attempt to repair her image. 

Cindy Lee Garcia is suing Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, or Sam Bacile, and Youtube for their roles in the distribution and production of the now infamous movie. Garcia claims she was fired from her day job and barred from seeing her grandkids after the movie entered the international consciousness last week. 

Her attorney's are planning to ask a judge to force Youtube to take the movie down on Thursday.  "This lawsuit is not an attack on the First Amendment nor on the right of Americans to say what they think, but does request that the offending content be removed from the Internet," the lawsuit says. Youtube was previously asked by the State Department to remove the video, but they refused citing the First Amendment. They have blocked the video from being seen in places like Saudi Arabia, Libya and Egypt.

Garcia has previously given interviews to Gawker and The Hollywood Reporter about her time working on the movie. 



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