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September 17 is the one-year anniversary of the first official Occupy Wall Street protests, and to mark the occasion, protesters are getting the band back together. A full day of marches, sit-ins, and other "actions" are planned all over lower Manhattan on Monday, in the culmination of a three-day reunion tour meant to revive the mass demonstrations that dominated the city last fall. 

It was a quiet summer for the Occupy movement, as cities rooted out most of their camps and demonstrations were limited to mostly small gatherings. Even the national party conventions (conveniently held in storm-drenched cities in the South) were mostly devoid of conflict. But with the presidential election moving into the home stretch this could be the moment to revive the talk of the 99% and direct action against the financial giants the rule us. Or it could be the last gasp of a movement that made a lot of significant noise, but naturally ran its course.

The protests are expected to begin around 7 a.m. and New York City police are expected to be out in force to meet them. There's no telling just how people will be there or how aggressive the police and protesters will get, but if last fall was any indication you can expect confrontations and mass arrests before the day is out.

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