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Dominique Strauss-Kahn finally got himself some positive news coverage in France, and he did it the way he frequently gets into the headlines: By getting involved with a woman. But it's different this time. Strauss-Kahn's ex-wife Anne Sinclair made it public last week that she's doing just fine after their divorce, and so, it seems, is Strauss-Kahn. The French tabloid VSD first wrote about DSK's alleged new main squeeze, an "effervescent forty-something" who works in television, and according to NewsBeast's Tracy McNicoll, the tone is "flowery." This is a far cry from the recent Strauss-Kahn coverage: his "aggravated pimping" charge, the protests against his speaking gigs, and the general bemoaning of his damaged reputation. By contrast, McNicoll's description of VSD's coverage makes it sound Strauss-Kahn may even be in the early stages of something of a media comeback, at least on the pages of this particular tabloid:

"Has Dominique found in Myriam the woman who will finally make him renounce his old demons?" the magazine asks. "In any case, the couple appears happy and it shows. Tender gestures, kisses on the neck, romantic candlelight dinners, rendezvous in Paris." The magazine claims the couple spent an August weekend in Corsica and that, in her company, "DSK has become a gentleman again."

How romantic. We'll wait and see. 

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