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Here it is: Photographic evidence that President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on the phone this morning. There is a White House summary of what they talked about (below) but we can't know for sure exactly what moment this photo was taken. By the look on Obama's face, it looks like a serious discussion. Maybe Obama's congratulating him on his bombtastic presentation at the United Nations yesterday? Or maybe just putting in a courtesy call. Regardless, the White House wanted the public to know it happend, as it announced the phone date on Thursday and tweeted out the photograph moments ago. This happened, people.

It goes without saying, Republicans have been trying to depict the relationship between the two leaders as rocky. Well, now we know they're on speaking terms. And, according to the latest news, Netanyahu is double-booked for today. Mitt Romney's campaign announced today the GOP candidate will call Netanyahu later today. Standing by for photo evidence! 


Here's the White House's readout of Obama's call, written in its usual say-nothing diplomacy-ese:

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