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Anti-American sentiment has gotten so very serious in Pakistan that the owners of that that shining beacons of American pride and joy, KFC, are shuttering their stores there. Even though President Obama and Hillary Clinton have spent $70,000 in a charm offensive to assuage the volatile situation in Pakistan spurred by the anti-Islamic film "Innocence of Muslims", the situation is too intense at the moment for the Yum! Brands' global chain. 

"Our KFC restaurants in Pakistan are closing as a precautionary measure," said Yum! spokesman Christopher Fuller in a report by CNN Money's Aaron Smith. According to the KFC Pakistan's website, there are at least 20 stores in the country. Fuller's move is not merely panic, as the franchise saw anti-American violence at one of their Libya outposts this week. "A number of U.S. brand restaurants in Tripoli were damaged, including one KFC," said Fuller. "We have been in touch with our franchisee and fortunately all of our employees and their families are safe."

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