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Footage of Kim Dotcom raid has finally surfaced, and it makes you wonder if the two helicopters, multiple teams of armed guards, four police vehicles, attack dogs, and a special tactics squad were really necessary to bring the 300-pound founder of Megaupload along with five Filipino females and three children into custody.

Well, that question of force is what's being discussed in a New Zealand's High Court and it's also the reason we have this incredible footage (via New Zealand's 3 News), which shows the made-for-an-action-movie raid:

Back in January, details of the raid started showing up and at the time we let our imagination get the better of us, since well, it (the helicopters, the squads, etc.) all sounded nuts. But now that there's video, it all kind of confirms how intense this raid really was. Who knows, it's perhaps the most exciting thing for New Zealand cops in a while? But all those squads and all that effort don't really make sense if Kim Dotcom's threat level was low. "We wanted to match the threat level, in this case a low threat with our dress ... We made that conscious decision not to wear full tactical kit." an elite officer told the court. The officer added, "Primary objective: secure suspect as soon as possible to prevent destruction of evidence." For what it's worth, the raid allowed Dotcom to use his Batman-like security system, via 3 News:

“I was on my bed, once the banging started, I pressed an alarm button that is situated right at my bed which was installed in case of an emergency. When I press that it automatically sends a signal to all security guards including Mr [Wayne] Tempero’s room including SMSs to everybody informing them there is an alert. Then I stood up from the bed and made my way to the red room.”

The red room is a secret emergency room inside the mansion.

Despite knowing the room’s existence, having the plans and the door to the room not being locked, it still took police 13 minutes to find Dotcom there.

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