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The Curiosity rover has been snapping more pictures since arriving on Mars than a hipster at Lollapalooza, and this is its latest Instagram-worthy hit. It's a 360-degree panorama shot of the Gale Crater that the rover landed in, compiled from 130 low-res thumbnails NASA received on Thursday morning. The gray spots in the foreground are where the ships rockets contacted the ground during descent, which you can see better here and here. So far, Curiosity's been snapping more selfies than pictures of the Mars landscape, and updating its eerily upbeat Twitter. There was that picture of the Mars sunrise everyone was gaga over, but it's a fake. And that first color picture was a disappointment. Sure, this picture is easily the best we've seen of the Mars landscape, but according to NASA it's only an eighth of the resolution the camera's capable of capturing. That information made us think of everyone's new favorite Tumblr, and inspired us to create this: 

Quit holding out on us, Curiosity. 

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