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In light of poor domestic wine sales in China, a bidder at a wine festival auction smashed a bottle of French white wine after paying 100,000RMB (or $15,000) for it, hoping the demonstration would encourage people to buy more Chinese wine, according to e-magazine Tea Leaf Nation.

Yes, they're just like the Americans who poured out thousands of dollars of French wine they'd already paid for to protest the lack of French support in the Iraq War in 2003. 

The Chinese bidder, who wore reflective aviator sunglasses, bought two bottles of wine for 200,000 RMB, or $30,000, at an auction for the Changli Wine Festival, held in a wine region in northern China. Last week, Chinese wine producers questioned whether European wine makers were dumping cheap wine into the country, Reuters reported. While imported wine sales are up, domestic producers are down, and the patriot said buying domestic wine is "priceless." 

But Chinese people on microblogging service Sina Weibo were quick to denounce the sunglasses-wearing wine-smasher. "This is a stupid show-off," said Eddie_lj, as translated by Tea Leaf. "If he really loves the country, he can use the money to support students who dropped out of college because of poverty or other disadvantaged groups, and that would be meaningful."

French wine sales in America ultimately did decline due to boycotts in the mid-aughts, but that was because people stopped buying it--not buying tons of it and theatrically pouring it away. So tip to the Chinese, from people who've been there: If you're going to get rid of the wine, don't pay for it first. 

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